Appeal to the League of Nations – June 13th 1921

Appeal of the Georgian Legation to the League of Nations – 13 June 1921



On June 13th 1921, in the name of the legal government of Georgia, the Georgian Legation appealed to the Council of the League of Nations, reminding it of the documents relative to the aggression, which had been presented to the Secretary General; at the same time it recalled the resolution adopted at the last Conference, held in Geneva, by the Union of Associations in favor of the League.

Here is the text of this resolution:

“The Congress, moved by the sad situation of Georgia, a democratically organized nation, invaded by a foreign enemy which has occupied it against the wishes of its inhabitants, thus depriving it of its independence and freedom, hereby expresses its indignation and urgently requests the Council and Assembly of the League of Nations to take necessary measures to see that the principle of the right of people to dispose of themselves is applied in Georgia.

The legal Government of Georgia hopes that the Council of the League of Nations, faithful guardian of the sacred principles of the rights of peoples will not fail during its next session, to raise the voice of authority to protest against these crimes.”

Sources: “Documents relatifs à la question de la Géorgie devant la Société des Nations”. Edition de la Légation de Géorgie en France. Paris 1925.

Translation of the Resolution from: Constantin Kandelaki “The Georgian Question before the Free World”. Paris 1953


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