The Georgian Legation in Paris and the support of French socialists

The legal recognition of the Republic of  Soviets by France (by the Government of Edouard Herriot the 28th of October 1924) didn’t quashed that of  the independent Republic of Georgia. And the Georgian Legation in Paris was maintained until July 1933. Anyway,  instead , the French Government authorized the Georgian Government in exile to open the Office for Georgian refugees.

In his doctoral thesis   “The impossible triangle –   Franco-Soviet relations and the Polish factor in the security issues in Europe (1924-1935)”, Frédéric Dessberg explains the maintenance of this status quo by the influence of the French Socialists, without whose support Edouard Herriot could not have remained in power. The Member of Parliament, Pierre Renaudel, who had visited Georgia in 1920 within the Second Socialist International delegation, was a prominent member of the Socialist Group, and had earned, through his eloquent speeches in the House of the Parliament, a reputation as a defender of the independent Georgia. When Herriot left the Government, the Georgian Government in exile thanked him through Akaki Tchenkeli for his support. Aristide Briand, the new Minister of Foreign Affairs, provided the same support in the Painleve (1925), Poincare (1926), etc, Governments.

Source:  Frédéric Dessberg – Le triangle impossible – les relations franco-soviétiques et le facteur polonais dans les questions de sécurité en Europe (1924-1935 )


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