Co-operative Georgia under Bolshevik Rule – Vctor Serwy- 1922. Brussels

On behalf of the International Cooperative Alliance, Victor Serwy, Director of the “Office coopératif belge”, conducted in Georgia an inquiry into the situation of the cooperatives. His observer mission leads him to remark that there “is a climate of hatred against the Russian tyranny” and he adds: “It would not be surprising that one day Georgia, with his profound democratic spirit, will stand up to drive away the oppressor. « Cooperative Georgia under Bolshevik rule”. July 1922. Printed by the Cooperative Society Lucifer. Brussels. cover   foreword   foreword 20001   foreword 20001   foreword 20002   foreword 20003   full text0001   full text0002   full text0003   full text0004   full text0005   full text0006   full text0007   full text0008   full text0009   full text0010   full text0011   full text0011   full text0012   full text0013   full text0014   full text0015   full text0016   full text0017     full text0018   full text0019   full text0020   full text0021   full text0022



to my opponents0001



to my opponents0002


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